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A specialized technique for taking an image out of its previous background ensuring the shape of the image stays untouched. Image masking is an advanced Photoshop editing method specially imposed to detach a complicated photo like furry areas, fuzzy or soft edges, blurry images, or wavy hairs from an unmatched background and many more.

Sometime there are complicated images that cannot be done, simply by clipping path. That is when image masking is required. Image masking is a technique, need to be done without missing out even a tiny details. It is one of the most demanded and handy editing techniques done by Adobe Photoshop. Usually this is somehow a little bit similar to the clipping path technique but one step ahead. There are many complex photos that has some sort of soft edges or outlines, curves and turns, hair or furry areas, transparent or semitransparent objects, highlights or lightings that are verily recommended to go through image masking service. Sometime Just using clipping path on an image cannot reach its perfectness. And the desired outcome to both the editor and client are yet to come to a conclusion, this is the moment when the image masking is specially required.

Hair masking and deep etching is for both alpha and layer masking. A very popular tool which is also used to remove any unnecessary part of an image and also for setting an image on varieties of background. To talk about a specific tool, here, the pen tool is applied to get the job done. Pen tool is one of the most advanced device for art, design, edit and many more. To perfect the pen tool, it needs a huge amount of experience of working. But it also ensures a 100% accuracy and that reminds us about quality. We assure that your images will look perfect than ever.

Types/categories of masking service There are several categories to give our valuable visitors some idea about image masking. These are-

  • Advanced layer masking (Hair/flesh masking): Used to remove background from furry, hairy or fuzzy objects
  • Transparent image masking: Removing the background of a transparent image maintaining the originality. E.g. Glasses, thin plastic bottle, chiffon, watery objects, muslin and many more.
  • Photo Collage masking: Decorating one image with more than one object from various other images.
  • Alpha channel masking: A basic combination of Image masking and clipping path that deals with assistance of colors and mask making.

When is masking service required?

As we said before there are many complex photos that has some sort of soft edges or outlines, curves-turns, hairy-furry areas, transparent-semitransparent objects, highlights or lightings that are verily recommended to go through image masking service. But this can be categorize on a few number of aspects to understand when is the making can be required.

These are-

  • Customize the backgrounds
  • Remove the background from furry or hairy images
  • Adjust and manipulate transparency
  • Mask some part of an image
  • Prepare magazine cover, adds, fashion related photo development and other items
  • Editing jewelry edges, nature images and pets.
  • Shadowing image and changing background
  • Decorating more images into one particular image.

And a lot more.

It is mostly preferred by a vast majority of photographers, Magazine, and graphics designers but this can also be useful to vast majority of people dealing with images.

We specially do not recommend this technique with the sharp edges and backgrounds that matches the object color. You can ask us for further details and the free trial is always waiting for you.

We are 24/7 ready to give you the best of our services. Now is the high time for you to rethink about your past experience and to reshape your future thoughts about Experience, Cost, Time and Quality. Take our Free Trial and see by yourself.

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