Clipping Path

Clipping path / Background Removal service:

Clipping Path or Background removal service is usually used to give priority images main subject and it’s depending on the clipping path. We are accomplishing this job using Photoshop’s tools.

Clipping path is executing by use pen tool and this is the most reliable and refining process of separate an object from the background. This is the most unique technique to gain 100% satisfaction.

Clipping path

Background removal service is one of the effortless services to cut out object from the behind of expected things to focus.

Background removal service helps to deliver a good quality services to a picture which is highly needed to grow business site.

Adobe creative suit is the complete solution for any kind of graphical work and adobe Photoshop is one specific program. Now-a-days most of the people use Adobe Photoshop for Background Removal but lots of different kind of software is also using to separate expected image from unexpected thing but satisfaction factor is not 100%.

On the other hand, different kinds of tool are installed in Adobe Photoshop, such as Pen Tool, Background Eraser, Lasso tool, Channel mask tool. Pen tool is the best tool to make sure good quality for Background Removal.

Pen tool

Pen tool used to create path outline of the image. After that, it converts the selected area to a section. In this way, it separates the main intention.

The magnetic lasso tool is used in Photoshop cs6 for isolating the background by picking an area usage the tool.

By using channels, channel mask helps to inform a mask. In this path, it isolates the background of an image.

These are some ways of isolating the background of an image with the help of Photoshop.

Anyone can attempt any of them to get expected photo by removing an unexpected background.

Outline of the image, we created clipping path by pen tool in adobe Photoshop than change the background 100% white. It’s a proper way to remove background.

We have experts to accomplish all the work with care and deliver on time. Colorspit’s goal is to provide best graphical service entire world.

Clipping path:

Vector path and clipping path is almost the same service but clipping path contains the full image and vector path contains only the shape from 2D image using software (Photoshop).

Clipping usually used to cut unnecessary object from an image to make them attractive or give focus to the main part of the image.

COLORSPIT providing the most attractive graphical solution, and clipping path is also a service what COLORSPIT providing with consumer’s desire.

Our goal is to provide the ultimate graphical solution to the world.

Our expert’s graphics designers are always providing their best to the customers using the upgraded tools and elements. They are always providing professional output to satisfied their own and to the clients.

Our service is affordable with full satisfaction and with the tight delivery schedule.

Our support team is always giving their 24/7 support to the consumer through message or directly through the phone.


We focus on the quality with consumer’s instruction. Our effective team and management always giving the best priority to the delivery time.  Our quality controller checks the output and then our management send it to the consumer.

We are taking a very high volume project and completing with the full desire of the consumers,

what are they really expecting from us following their instruction.

We are providing for clipping path:

· Remove Background from the image

· Cutout desired image

· Transparent background

· Customize background

· Creating layer, even multiple layer with desire

· Separating components for the animation work.

We are always providing quality full clipping path service to the clients following their instruction and giving the best priority to the delivery time.

Our goal is to provide best graphical support all over the world.

Multi Clipping Path / Color path Service:

Multi clipping path or multi-color path is known as add on clipping path and it should be smooth and have various color. It’s used as to add or separate object or color very smoothly.

This service usually used to add external effect and to give outstanding output.

Through this service individual components color level can be change and can use multi filling and can transform in any terms and can change the image size resolution.

In addition, various filters and effect can be applied. After doing the multi path image look will be fresher then before and can add various colors to change its look.