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Anything can be removed, whether it’s a background or some unwanted element or what so ever Clipping path, a renowned Photoshop work that applies for cutting one or more subject out from the image’s background to maintain the total focus on your product. The process is to create an outline around an image which allows you to remove a picture from its background. It also refers to the term called “closed vector path” or “deep etching”.

What happens when the process is applied is that everything on the “path” or “line” is added to the final editing and all the other thing is left behind. Every pixel is important! Along with the Clipping path there’s the term “Pen tool” that one must understand because this is such a tool that helps to create a highly acute clipping path editing. It enables to set some anchor points that catches the perfect shape of the object. To set anchor points our graphic designers zooms-in to the image by 200% to 300% so that they don’t miss a single important pixel and get the clipping path done perfectly. Sometime the image needs too many anchor points and sometime it needs fewer. Unnecessary anchor points can become harmful. So the accuracy to use pen tool is also valuable here and that is what we assure. The experience and expertise of our pro designer are always here to assist you all the way to your happy editing journey. In some cases the magnetic lasso and magic tool can be helpful but to keep the professionalism and quality assurance of our service we always use the pen tool as a matter of perfection.

Question might arise in our valuable client’s –

When do we recommend using clipping path?

Our answer is –

  • To Isolate or remove background from a product or any object. (Clipping path and white background)
  • Provide Custom Image as background.
  • Clipping path with transparent Layer/ to ensure transparency of the background.
  • To mask or hide the background and give a new one. (Clipping path with extra colored layer)
  • To edit specific region or change the shape perfectly (vector path)
  • Multi-clipping path in order to select different areas within one image specifically done for color correction purpose (Multiple Paths for color correction)

And When do we don’t recommend it?

  • If a picture has turns all over – Curves, fireworks, lightings, Flames, feathers, plastic bags etc.
  • Materials or things with blurry and fuzzy edges – Hair, skin, trees, fur, jewelry etc.
  • If a picture is transparent – Sunglass glass, Car glass, water, smoke etc.

You simply can talk with our experts and take a trial to get an idea.

The importance of clipping path cannot be described in a few words. Colorspit is providing this service globally for a very long time. This is the most demandable and most used editing services all over the world especially for –

  • E-commerce product selling,
  • Media photographers,
  • Web design organization,
  • Fashion agencies,
  • Magazine design companies,
  • Pre-press publishing organizations,
  • Advertising agents and many more companies & people.


There are different kinds of clipping path services

  • Simple clipping path service: A method in which the path selection of a single solid object is used to remove the background. Therefore the number of curves and anchor points applied in the path are very few. Like in mobile, watch, mug, ball, egg, book, spoon, plate, bag and etc. An expert doesn’t take more than 3-5 minute for such works.
  • Medium clipping path service: This is done where multiple holes and curves need to be drawn to the product images. Our classification in this section is focused on a little complex image such as Sunglass, furniture, shoes, motor parts, bracelets and etc.
  • Complex clipping path service: The complex one is the combination based on many apparent closed critical paths that are applied to the images containing complex shapes and designs. Such as net-cage, jewelry multipath, color path and etc.
  • Super Complex clipping path service: The highest complex section of image background removal. Christmas tree, bicycle, stone-necklace, etc.

On image editing services there are some other stuffs and services starts with the clipping paths such as in multi colored path, color path, image colorization services.

Vector path is also compared to clipping path but clipping path contains the full image and vector path contains only the shape from 2D image. Multipath or Multiple clipping path is also familiar as Color path, a very handy process for color correction. It is used to isolate the definite parts from multiple objects on and individual components both inclusive and exclusive in order to change the color as required. Some of us use the term as Silo/silhouette as clipping path. Well, the term silhouette path is applied for and image area for masking or for other actions. One can extract the original background by just selecting the silo path but it is pretty essential especially to make a background transparent.

If you’re looking for professional clipping path service with acute, and defined steps, you are on the right place. Colorspit helps you through clipping path to give your image a fully professional look. We use Photoshop tools for clipping path, resizing, cropping, removing borders, and removing image background by turning it to pure white, adding transparent or colored background and etc.

Clipping path is an exceptional quality background removal service from Colorspit team. Colorspit assures 100% quality background removal service on an affordably low cost. We make it easy to ensure that all your images fit your ecommerce image editing manual.

We know that the only way to keep product appropriateness is keeping it totally hand drawn therefore we invite you to check our image clipping path service quality. No matter how many time you need a modification in your image, our team is always ready to respond according to your guideline.

We are 24/7 ready to give you the best of our services. Now is the high time for you to rethink about your past experience and to reshape your future thoughts about Experience, Cost, Time and Quality. Take our Free Trial and see by yourself.

Moreover, “An ordinary one can also become the Extraordinary.”

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