Image masking

A specialized technique for taking an image out of its previous background ensuring the shape of the image stays untouched. Image masking is an advanced Photoshop editing method specially imposed to detach a complicated photo like furry areas, fuzzy or soft edges, blurry images, or wavy hairs from an unmatched background and many more.
Sometime there are complicated images that cannot be done, simply by clipping path. That is when image masking is required. Image masking is a technique, need to be done without missing out even a tiny details. It is one of the most demanded and handy editing techniques done by Adobe Photoshop. Usually this is somehow a little bit similar to the clipping path technique but one step ahead. There are many complex photos that has some sort of soft edges or outlines, curves and turns, hair or furry areas, transparent or semitransparent objects, highlights or lightings that are verily recommended to go through image masking service. Sometime Just using clipping path on an image cannot reach its perfectness. And the desired outcome to both the editor and client are yet to come to a conclusion, this is the moment when the image masking is specially required.

Most buyers want to purchase fancy products, so they look at images that looks fancy. There are many reasons for what a product, especially on e-commerce sites, needs to be edited. The visitors might never look at the image if it looks Dull, A raw image or non-adjusted image can ruin the impression of your online shop.

And ultimately, a better Product image is the first step toward sales increase.

This type of image editing needs to be accurate and flawless. We are dealing with this type of image editing for a long time using Photoshop. Our expert teams have been giving this service throughout the globe for a pretty long time and there are some common tools we always find that are demanding among the customers all over the world. All these are Photoshop tools and process. These are basically –

  • Whiten background of a picture
  • Resizing image
  • Cropping
  • Straightening
  • Background removal
  • Alignment
  • Manipulations
  • Hiding the neck and etc.

Who benefits from this service?

Colorspit is providing this service to many type of people, globally, for a very long time. This is the most demandable and most used editing services all over the world. This particular service cannot be specified among some group of people because there are actually a huge number of people who can get their job done with this. Among them, our services are particularly acquainted with-

  • EBay, Amazon, FlipKart, AliExpress, Etsy, Taoboa and many other online Marketplaces.
  • Personal blogs, E-commerce sites and many more.

Colorspit is continuously providing a high volume of image editing and is always ready to provide you the best of photo editing so that you can do lot better, be more profitable.

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