Photo Retouch service is one of the most popular service in image editing industry. Colorspit offers various types of Photo Retouching Services like beauty, model, product and jewelry, including various other image editing services.

Our expertise in image retouching

Photo retouching is an art that requires an inherent streak of creativity. Creativity born out of experience and handling the most complex portraits and snaps.

Colorspit has a great team to enhance images. Our image retouching fame has reached far and wide and we are proud to say that we are the most preferred among retouching and spot touch up service providers.

ColorSpit working with lots of companies all over the world to help improve images via our Photo retouching service removing spots or streak from images, as well as advanced color correction work.

We can remove unusual marks from any surface and ensure that images are faultless in every way.

Model Retouching

Model image retouching service is the process of finishing a model image which may require detailed work to highlight the focus of an image.


In model image retouching, we try to bring change in:

  1. Red eye removal
  2. Clearing eye whites
  3. Nose Correction
  4. Lips Enhancement
  5. Breast Enhancement
  6. Tanning
  7. Reduce double chin/ jowl
  8. Reduce stray hair
  9. Slimming
  10. Teeth correction
  11. Reduce blemish, acnes, moles and freckles.

We will process the whole thing professionally and promise to keep your image secure.


Product Retouching

Product retouching service brings out the best features of the product to grasp consumer attention. A customer is able to see their product only upon delivery.

So it is critical that attention is maintained by an image during its display while the consumer anticipates its delivery.

Our designers bring following changes in product retouching:

  1. Correcting shapes
  2. Highlighting texture
  3. Remove defects
  4. Removing blinks

Colorspit also provide cloths, vehicle retouch and other accessories too.

We are working with companies, photographers and also personally help them who need help.

Our post production house provide all the work professionally with low cost and firstly we provide more than two demo work to make sure. we are the capable to work with any amount of production and we are the best image post production solution company.