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Welcome To Colorspit

A Professional image editing and graphic designing service.

Colorspit, your Perfect choice for graphic designing and image manipulation services. Always available for global customers. Assuring quality services on an affordable price.

“Give us an ordinary input, we will make it look extraordinary.”

What We Offer

Colorspit is a professional image editing and photo post production providing company, working for a huge number of clients around the world. We offer everything related to graphics designing, photo editing & enhancement and clipping path services. Focusing on the reliable communication we always maintain a secured, expressed and a suitable economic way of providing image editing and enhancement services.

Why Need Editing

“With editing, there is no limit to the enhancements that can be done to a simple photograph and therefore a simple landscape comes to life burgeoning the colors of paradise. A process that isolates an image and lets it tell your story.”

Customer Service

24/7 outstanding customer service with very professional manner.

Free Trial

100% free trial following consumer’s instruction and satisfaction with revision.

Super Fast Delivery

Super-Fast Delivery within 4 to 6 hrs with 100% quality assurance and ability to solve problems.

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% money back guarantee if clients are not satisfied or we failed to satisfied

Our Services

Clipping Path

A technique mostly used to perfectly remove the original background of an image. An effective method in which image is cut out to separate one or more subjects from an image. This is the most demandable and most used editing services all over the world for ecommerce product selling, Media photographers, web design organization, fashion agencies, magazine design companies, pre-press publishing organizations, advertising agents and many more companies & people. Clipping path is an exceptional quality background removal service from Colorspit team. Colorspit assures 100% quality background removal service on an affordably low cost. We make it easy to ensure that all your images fit your ecommerce image editing manual. We know that the only way to keep product appropriateness is keeping it totally hand drawn therefore we invite you to check our image clipping path service quality. We use Photoshop tools for clipping path, resize, crop, remove borders, and remove image background turning it to pure white, transparent or colored background according to your guideline.

Color correction

Color, a fundamental matter that enables to convey the idea and expressions in a photography. Even when an experienced pro photographer takes a shot, there’s a chance that he may face certain lighting adjustment requirement. Color correction, a basic type of photo retouching method for a unique adjustment and modifications of an images. To put it simply, color correction means balancing the color. Primarily this term is used to improve the structure, implicate the light and color setting of a photo to achieve its perfectness. Depending on the application, color correction can be done by the color choice and amount of brightness that one requires. It is mostly demandable among many types of customers. We welcome you to discover professional photo color correction with Colorspit. Colorspit helps a simple original picture to express itself more truthfully and make it more expressible. Colorspit ensures a skillful editing by giving a list of photo editing examples. Make yourself enlighten, take the free trial and decide yourself.

Image masking

Sometime there are complicated images that cannot be done simply by clipping path. Image masking is an advanced Photoshop tool specially imposed to detach a complicated photo like furry areas, fuzzy or soft edges, blurry image, or wavy hair from an unmatched background. A specialized technique for taking an image out of its previous background ensuring the shape of the image stays untouched. A very popular tool which is also used to remove any unnecessary part of an image and also for setting an image on varieties of background. It is mostly preferred by a vast majority of photographers, Magazine, and graphics designers. It is a technique that need to be done without missing out even a tiny details. Our expert team does it with a 100% accuracy and care. Hair masking and deep etching is for both alpha and layer masking. Colorspit provides the most pro editing with the Image masking service.  Colorspit’s expert graphic designer applies the latest Photoshop masking techniques to remove backgrounds from images such as hair or the foliage on trees, resulting in clear and soft edges that look professional.

Image Manipulation

Looking for Image Manipulation service? Then your search ends here. Another most frequent service that Colorspit provides is Image manipulation, a specialized method done by Photoshop and Illustrator involving modification and manipulation of a photograph to enhance the beautification and make it look stunning. Creative photo manipulation requires skills, experience, creative thinking because the service is used for cover images, magazines, graphical business firms, product or personal advertisement and etc. A process of perfectly blending two or more images together. Simply put, taking one part of an image and place it into another. There are many type of image manipulation including mirror effect, invisible mannequin, drop shadow effect, Image restorations and etc. and our expert manipulation work goes beyond the basic invisible mannequin and product presentation as well. We assure you the quality manipulation and affordability as well. Please see the gallery, take a free trial and then decide yourself. Buyers can send us even raw image to ensure our capability and hopefully after that, we can start working together.

Photo retouching

Portrait retouching is not just limited to any specific type of retouching service rather a combination of a correlated color modification and beauty retouching works. Admired by Business houses, personal people, professional photographers, website owners, e-commerce sites and many more companies, this service has become most important service in editing sector. Photo retouching plays a vital role to transform a raw image into a stylish and an attractive one. Simply put, Photo retouching means enhancing color, resolution, adding glamor, vanishing unnecessary spots (wrinkles and scars), dust removal, highlight and flare removal, correcting color/contrast, and beatifying images. Do you feel old, torn, faded looking at the images you have? Don’t worry, now is the time to get a new-dazzling look that portraits your original spirit. Leave your Photo retouching dilemma to our expert team. Our experts always been working with all kinds of retouching with utmost care and perfection. Colorspit provides the superior quality of both product and model retouch emphasizing on the customers quotations within a shortest delivery time.

Newborn baby retouch

New born baby retouch is a pretty challenging service on this sector. The parents always want to preserve memories of their kids and therefore they take photos. We make it more appealing and cuter. This one service is actually specialized for those with the newborns. We too celebrate our customer’s joy by maximizing the beautification of the memories that they capture. Sometime the agencies that serves baby products and other organizations too wants baby retouch service. To provide new born baby retouch we focus on removing blemishes, red spots reduction, reducing hue/saturation value, reduce the opacity of background, focus the baby face and make it more soft and sweet but there are more to it. If you are searching for professional image editing company to edit your newborn baby photo at a sensible cost, you are in the right place. Colorspit provides the amazing quality service that matches your photographic needs as promised. Let us know your desire, we are always one message away.

Colorspit is a professional Graphic designing firm providing maximum quality works for small and medium as well as well-known large multinational companies around the globe since 2013.

It is organized with 30 mid-level enthusiastic designers operated under 20 skilled and dedicated senior designers. Day by day the team is expanding in its number of people. All of them have a minimum of 8 years’ experience where everyone is appreciated for their expertise and professionalisms. With the help of this team, Colorspit has the capacity to process thousands of tasks in a day and separate the teamwork for big projects as well. As the growth of demand increased it became apparent that we need to grow not only in size but also on geography.

Our focus is to provide the maximum quality services relevant to image editing and graphics designing but maintaining the affordability and timeliness. Therefore we created our motto – Maximize the quality, minimize the price, value the delivery time.

Our Services Are Designed For

  • Online merchant
  • E-bay and Amazon
  • Photographers
  • advertisement photography enhancements ​
  • sellers of online products with the need to attract customers ​
  • Anyone who’s inspired by image editing and graphical works. ​

We are committed to everyone by providing our best services on an affordably low cost. Our expert’s customer support team is always ready to assist, guide and provide the best opinion.

We provide a free trial before starting any project to understand customer’s desire and we are always ready to prove ourselves. There won’t be any charges if our clients are not satisfied enough.

Security is a big Consideration for everything that matters. Our payment gateway is super secured and we keep your asset safely and securely. For any unusual activities or misbehave from us, anyone can take any legal action against it.

Colorspit is committed to provide you the best of services focusing on uniqueness of trust, reliability, affordability and communication as well. We assure 100% satisfaction. Our service is 100% organic. The Designing and editing software we use are the all latest ones such as: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Light room CC and we have some other additional software as well to create best manipulation.

Among many other Editing and Enhancement services the most frequent services that Colorspit provides are as-

Clipping path Services: Color path, Outline path, clipping mast, image silo, multi path/multiple clipping path, cut out image, photo cut out, background removal/deep etching services. Photoshop masking services: Image masking/photo masking, alpha channel masking, hair masking. Photo retouching/enhancement services: Wedding photo editing, model retouch, new born baby retouch, product retouch, jewelry retouch, image enhancement, photo restoration. Shadow Creation Services: Shadow effects, Reflection shadow, natural shadow, drop shadow. Image manipulation services: Neck joint/ghost manipulation. Color correction services: Color changing, color adjustment. Logo design services: Creative logo design for e-commerce or multi-national company and raster to vector correction services, Image resize and cropping, Glamour Retouch Visiting card designing and much much more. Just ask us! We hope that you will have the benefit of our services as much as we love offering them to you. We are 24/7 ready to give you the best of our services. Now is the high time for you to rethink about your past experience and to reshape your future thoughts about Experience, Cost, Time and Quality. Take our Free Trial and see by yourself.

Moreover, “An ordinary one can also become the Extraordinary.”

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